Personal and professional integrity are absolute prerequisites for an independent inspection company. Integrity is the single driving philosophy behind every policy, program and procedure at Petrospect. We believe that professional integrity and ethical business behavior are essential to the long term success of any business. Therefore, we do not believe that there is any logical or intelligent alternative to conducting business in a fair, honest and ethical manner at all times.

The Company is committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical behavior in every facet of the Company’s business. It is the policy of this Company that all business shall be conducted in a fair, honest, lawful and ethical manner at all times.

The Company will establish and maintain all policies and procedures in accordance with applicable industry standards and will, at all times, conduct business in compliance with all prevailing laws and applicable government regulations.

The Company will maintain a Compliance Program that includes ethical guidelines and training for employees. The Company will direct that its’ employees comply with laws and government regulations, report any violations of the Compliance Program and shall endeavor to ensure that employees conduct all Company business in a fair, honest and ethical manner.

The Company will report all findings and data accurately and honestly and otherwise ensure the integrity of all information reported by the Company. No Quantity or Quality determination will be published unless traceable to a documented finding or professional judgment within industry standards.

No other Company policy, stated or implied, shall pre-empt this policy.