Petrospect is one of the few regional independent inspection companies still operating successfully in an industry that has become dominated by large, multinational corporations. Our success stems in part from our size, which allows us to focus on, and remain responsive to, our clients’ needs. That focus combined with personalized service, local expertise and experience give us a unique advantage in the Hawaii market.

Our commitment to providing consistent, high quality, professional services is achieved by ensuring that the following standards are met for every job.


 Every assignment is overseen by our management team, which has over ninety years of combined experience in the inspection industry.  From the initial review of client requirements to the Technical Analysis of the field report and everything in between, each job is managed to ensure quality, compliance and accuracy. 


 Our Inspector Training Program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.  Management conducts the initial training for each new hire.  Training includes extensive written and oral testing of the API / ASTM Guidelines as well as classroom and field training.  Our Inspectors then go through a systematic, sequential and documented on the job training program conducted by seasoned inspectors and overseen by management.  The Technical Review of each report is also used as a mechanism for continuous training and quality assurance.   


 Effective communications are essential to ensuring that the client’s needs are met and that jobs are executed properly. Timely, responsive and effective communication is one of the hallmarks of our organization.  Our Inspectors are equipped with state of the art communication and information technology to ensure timely and effective data flow. 


 Whether it is conducting a Loss Control investigation, an off-specification Bunker claim or just reconciling a routine cargo discharge, the devil is in the details. Paying attention to those details is what we do best.